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Welcome. Let me Introduce My Self.
My name is Maree Wells.

Admin for DWSEarner ABC4Income and Maree Designs.
My One stop shopping and selling zone.

DWSEarner is part of the Dollar Wise Network.
Established 2009.
All our DWSEarner Members incorporate these three sites daily.
Generating a real income online.

I am excited to announce DWSEarner is now a bit coin Upgraded Community.
In To Win DWSEarner Cash Tokens, upgrade to activate the tokens into REAL cash added to your Bit Coin Wallet.
Weekend Surfer Frenzy. I load the prize box with DWSEarner cash tokens. If upgraded the cash is paid to your Bit Coin Wallet.

Newbies Welcome.
Be sure to click above accounts.
Then Profile settings.
When participating with the surf chat Bar.
Click members names to view their profiles.

My story is this …

Nothing to something within 2 years.
I live in Christchurch New Zealand.
Success did not happen over night.
BE sure to sign up to our Down line programs listed at Maree Designs.
YOUR DWSEarner team will duplicate the same system.
Start Building numerous client bases with different income resources.

Be sure to support all our Members ECA Stores.

Paying Free Bit Coin since 2013.

2018 I will be blasting the new Rewardical Program SFI have launched.


Check it out. It’s time to start referring the first of millions!

Cheers Maree.

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Hi Maree, I want to start sfi with you. I am waiting the end of the month to join sfi. meanwhile if the is anything that you want me to go through pls email me at:
Hi Maree Thank You so much your the Best Larry
hi marre my name is xhemajli kadriu im new in sfi my gateway is
Any one who is new start with reading and viewing links on home page
Wow you all are so very kind need help just send in a support ticket.
Hello Maree i like to be a Entreprener but i am 71 years old. Can you please help-me T.Y
Maree you have set the "Bench-Mark" for other Entrepreneurs to follow in your foot-steps. You are honest,kind,and helpful in ever way. Wishing you continued good health and happiness in your new life..
Thank you Maree I am glad I met up with you. You help i,inspire and stand by your team, thanks.
You are a great sponcer, everyone need to follow your steps
Wow, thanks Maree. I am glad you are full-time at home and is an inspiration and a definite plan for success. I'm in.