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  • Apr 12th 2019 at 4:50 PM
    Dollar Wise Club

    I do not promise 6 paid signup OR $88.000 overnight.
    BUT I do Promise! A Proven and Paying Working from home on line Program..
    All the tools you need to operate a successful Online Business.
    10 years on line and still going strong.

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  • Apr 9th 2019 at 3:10 PM
    Bitcoin Down line club.

    Morning all. It is the start of a new financial year.
    April is an exciting time as I revamp our Bitcoin Downline club.
    Click the banner at the left and activate your subscription.
    Not a member with Traffic Marketer Pro.
    Log into DWSEarner click above Affiliate scroll down and click the down line builder tab.
    Click Traffic Marketer Pro from your DWSEarner Sponsors Link. Watch for the Offer to join our Bitcoin Club.

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  • Nov 21st 2018 at 1:58 PM
    Black Friday Bonus.

    Transfer your commissions into advertising Token Packages.
    I will double the tokens manually.

    How you ask.
    Click above Ads >> Scroll down and click buy credits.
    Click the use commission tab to activate.
    Then keep an eye out for my Email.

    Blog updates.
    Check often.
    I am updating my schedule ready for 2019 success.

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  • Nov 18th 2018 at 2:49 PM
    My Daily Work Schedule.

    Quick and easy I daily log into these pages having my links all at the same location. I simply click the links go to the website.
    Close the browser then move on to the next site.
    All I can do is show you the program I have been following day in day out for years.
    It is then up to each individual to follow the same system.

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  • Nov 13th 2018 at 5:25 PM
    Using LinkedIn For team building.

    Daily check LinkedIn connections this is how I have built my network up to over 8800 I also do quick daily posts introducing SFI Here.

    I get around 20 new connection requests daily.
    This is the message I share with all new connection requests that send me messages.

    New Launch I am working with Huge rewards offered as a founding member.
    I see this at the Future New Face Book For Affiliate Marketers.
    This will be a great new avenue for promoting your business.
    I have been using LinkedIn since to 2013 to team build SFI
    Sharing all new signups with my team.

    Use this link if you want to make sure someone stays on your SFI team.

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  • Nov 9th 2018 at 5:02 PM
    Lock in FREE New Payment Processor coming.

    I am busy studying new developments ready for 2019.
    Once they launch they will be a new payment processor provider at DWSEarner.
    Initiative Q is an attempt by ex-PayPal guys to create a new payment system.

    The system will be using its own currency and to get people to start using the system once it is up and running they are allocating Qs for free to people that sign up now.
    Nothing to lose everything to gain.
    (the amount drops as more people join - so better to join early).

    Signing up is free and they only ask for your name and an email address.
    There's nothing to lose but everything to gain if this payment system becomes a world leading payment method in the future.
    If you missed getting bitcoin seven years ago, you wouldn't want to miss this.
    Initiative Q is creating a modern payment network that will aggregate the best ideas, innovations, and technologies developed in recent years. The Q payment network will allow safe, fast, and low-cost transactions, using a global currency.

    Lock in Free Today. Ready to request DWSEarner Commissions.

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  • Nov 8th 2018 at 12:51 PM
    Power of SFI Team Building.

    I just reassigned Larry M and Laverne to Martines Team. Supporting her achieving Gold.
    Now I will support Larry R and Laverne reassigning new members to their down line. Be sure to join us in the original working from home program.
    I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.
    View my badges all the proof you need for online success.

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  • Nov 2nd 2018 at 1:30 PM
    Web Talk Buzz.

    Morning all I messaged Jeff at face book to see if I could share my new video. He loved it. Check it out.

    Lets make November a month to remember.
    Set aside some time to listen to the new videos I have designed.
    Lock into our Down line club and lets blast our DWSEarner promotions at TMP.
    On Line Work Schedule
    Upgrading with bitcoin
    Dollarwise blue print
    World of online marketing.

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  • Oct 31st 2018 at 12:14 PM
    Nov Down Line Club Revamped.

    Welcome To Our Down Line Club! Three Step Set Up.
    Instead of flicking here there and everywhere in search of that quick dollar.
    As a community we all promote our GDI webpages at Web Talk daily.

    We send welcome emails to all new referrals introducing them to our GDI dollarwise Web Page.
    Leveraging our income with the numerous online opportunities you will see listed at our DWSEarner Down Line Builder.
    Join A Global Domain Guru's Team! Member with GDI Since 2009.

    Use the GDI webmaster to design your Webpage for our Dollar Wise Network.
    Newbies struggling you may Lock in GDI set up at my Fiverr Store.
    Sign up to DWSEarner to generate User Id for our Down line Club.
    Keep your Fiverr traffic view gig active monthly.

    How to put your commissions to work for you at DWSEarner.
    You may transfer bitcoin commissions at DWSEarner into credits and token packages.
    Transfer Commissions and join our TMP Bitcoin Club Entry + 30 JP Tokens - $15.00
    Log into DWSEarner Click above Adds then Buy Credits.
    Select the package then click the commission button to activate.
    Listen to the video.

    Find more information here.

    Cheers Maree.
    Send in a support ticket to redeem 200 AWPoints for reading my blog post. Heading AWatch Blog Tickets.

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  • Oct 28th 2018 at 11:25 AM
    SFI Proven and Paying. Sharing signups

    Not with SFI sign up via one of our random team leaders links.

    Don't spend countless hours debating over why Affiliates signup and then do nothing.
    Focus On Sorting And NOT Convincing!
    I follow My Sponsor Leon's Post at the forum:

    Best Tip! Invest T Credits, Playing Games , spend T credits.
    Earning T Credits with redeeming Rewardicals.

    Earning from all your PSA team and CSA spending.
    Rinse Wash Repeat Daily.
    I have not missed a day logging in since 2013.

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  • Oct 25th 2018 at 4:39 PM
    SFI 2013 old review. Very interesting.

    Read this old review I did in 2013.
    I was awarded a Gold Star for the article.
    It is interesting to see I had 435 in my team which has grown to over 19,500 now.
    This is what sticking to a program generates.

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  • Oct 19th 2018 at 9:17 PM
    What a great Saturday.

    Today I meet the kids at Ricarton Mall.
    My son shouted me lunch. We had a great time shopping.
    When I got home I decided to update my LinkedIn Articles.
    Here is the latest.
    Tip! Spend some time setting up your LinkedIn Profile.
    Write some articles. Then list them at your new Social blog like I do.

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  • Oct 19th 2018 at 12:21 PM
    Join me in my Web Talk Journey.

    The beauty is we are starting out with web talk together.
    YOU can easily achieve the same success if you follow my steps I am sharing as I set up my Web talk network.

    Progress within my first week.
    Connections 124. Referrals 29
    I am blasting my promotions daily at ApSense LinkedIn and IBO.
    Yesterday I added Web Talk to my Work Experience at LinkedIn.
    Follow the steps to set up your network.

    All I can do is show you what I am doing daily.
    The next step is up to each individual to put the plan into play.

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  • Oct 17th 2018 at 11:27 AM
    GDI Letting online to share at Web Talk.

    Morning all today I am designing my GDI members websites.
    Updating our Dollar Wise Plan.
    Newbies struggling with designing you may purchase here for me to duplicate this page.
    I need to charge a one off fee as it takes me hours and hours to design the page.

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  • Oct 15th 2018 at 6:32 PM
    MLM Leads. New site added to Down line builder.

    I am moving away from other Traffic Exchanges as I am finding very little results. DWSEarner is not your normal TE>
    Daily I have participating at
    Writing my business articles for the Dollar Wise Network.
    Within the week I have 50 members connected.
    This is so cool.
    I just spent 250 credits to make DWSEarner the Site of the day.

    I am also using them Daily to build my Web Talk Team.
    Here is the introduction post I send to new connections.

    Welcome, My name is Maree Wells.
    Owner and developer of the Dollar Wise Network (Established 2009)
    You Join, We Advertise, You Earn!
    I have tested thousands of sites. These are proven and tested for results.
    We are a group of individuals all with the same goals and desires.
    HOW To GENERATE A Real Income Online avoiding all the scams and false hype.

    It is very rare to be given the opportunity to help launch a new site.
    Be sure to join us.
    This is going to be the new facebook for affiliate marketers.

    Request to join My Business Working From Home Opportunities.
    Complete A-Z business In A box Online Set up!
    Online Entrepreneur! Mentor! Offering 24/7 support FREE.

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  • Oct 14th 2018 at 4:40 PM
    Have your registered to receive commissions.

    I need to update all members information to pay them via Bitcoin.
    Please read this link then send me in your details to record for my Tax Purposes.

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  • Oct 13th 2018 at 5:11 PM
    Welcome to Web Talk. The social media future.

    Sign up Free Today. This is going to be the social media future hub central.
    Check first if your DWSEarner Sponsor is a member, and request their sign up link.
    It is very rare to be given the opportunity to be in at the beginning as a Founding member helping the launch in the BETA Stage.
    Gaining benefits that will disappear in the Not To Near Future.
    The New Face Book for Affiliate Marketers.
    Watch as I add instructions on how to set up Web Talk.
    You Must make 10 Connections (friends) before as part of completing your profile.
    Simply type in the search bar affiliate marketing to find 10 members to connect with.
    Need to get a friend to give you a Recommendation on your profile as part of account set up.
    Just ask one of your referrals or send me a request to give you a recommendation.

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  • Oct 12th 2018 at 2:45 PM
    Tidy up computer.

    I recommend fire fox for internet flowing nicely.
    I clear my cookies weekly. Click History to access.
    I restart my computer weekly to get rid of any horrible bugs.
    Daily I work from the downline builder page.
    Promoting only SFI and DWSEarner TMP in rotation.

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  • Oct 11th 2018 at 1:31 AM
    Everyone has a new social media blog.

    When at surf chat bar go to your blog.
    Find your link with clicking Account >>> Social Profile.
    Enter members name in search bar and send a friend request to them.
    Go to your Profile Page and add your new social link to page say connect with me.

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  • Oct 10th 2018 at 6:49 PM
    Very excited with this new plug in.

    I added the Social Profile Plugin at my Traffic Exchange---
    So all my members can set up their own social media blog.

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  • Oct 10th 2018 at 6:21 PM
    DWSEarner Members Activate your Social Media Blog.

    Log into DWSEarner Above Click the Account tab. Scroll down and click the Social profile tab. YOU will find your social media link with your DWSEarner Id inserted to set up your social media network link.
    Type the name of the friend in the search bar. Then click the connect friend link.

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  • Oct 10th 2018 at 6:20 PM
    Maree Designs On Line at DWSEarner.

    welcome to our New Social Media Porthole. Be sure to send me a friends request. This is a brand new plug in I am working on setting it up.
    HOW to generate the button banners. Go to Affiliate then click down line builder. ENTER the entire button banner code you see. YOUR DWSEarner Id will already be inserted.

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