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Maree loads bitcoin into her Block Chain payments manager's crypto-currency wallets.
Paying monthly from the wallet with the lowest sending fees.
All Commissions earned are paid to Members Ether Bit Coin Cash or bitcoin Wallets.
YOU must register these wallet addresses with Admin to receive payments.

Thousands of members from all over the globe use our system to team build any on line store venture they wish to expand.
Everyone's becoming a Dollar Wise student!
Why? They love Passive Cash, with the different income opportunities Admin Offers with her Dollar Wise Network AIOP (Affiliate Income Online Programs). (Established 2009)
DWSEarner! Maree Designs! ABC4income! Traffic Marketer Pro!
All My Sites are legal entities. Selling Advertising Packages and entry into our Online School For Affiliate Marketing..
Supplying a comprehensive training online e- course series to start your journey generating a real income working from home.
BUT it does not stop there..
Once the course is complete you will be kept updated with all news and changes within the network as the year progresses, via weekly emails with reward bonuses for being an active member within our community..
Be sure to check emails often and reply redeeming promo codes etc.

The Parent Company is Maree Designs. Established for over 25 years selling via numerous offline and on line store ventures.
Founding member with Trade Me New Zealand..
(Registered Business With Payza and the Inland Revenue Department in NZ)
DWSEarner is Our fully decentralized Bitcoin faucet!
Offering hours of entertainment with Surfing, Advertising, Games, Communication Surf Chat Bar, Competition's.
Which Admin powers within the block chain technology.
Incorporating Bit Coin + Ethereum + Bitcoin Cash based platforms..
As new forks open at Block Chain they are added to Our Bit Coin Portfolio's

Payment commission page definitions...

I use the LFMTE Script to list all commissions owing within My Dollar Wise Network (AIOP) on the one page..
FREE Members can earn Credit Views for advertising, playing our wide range of games, and entering our Contests..
Saving thousands of dollars in advertising costs yearly.
Free members have until the end of each month to upgrade to have their commissions roll over to the following month..
Free members that win the Progressive Jackpot, monthly raffle or pick the prize cash. Have the cash value added to their accounts in advertising on the day of the drawings.
All Upgraded Bit Coin Club members commissions roll over until $20.00 is achieved..
CASH payouts are paid on the 20th of each month. Minimum Payout is $20.00...
Keep an eye out monthly for what wallet Admin will make payments to.
If the sending fee is over $5 with Bitcoin then admin pays members Ether Wallets instead.
If you support DWSEarner with locking in your upgrade and participating, then I am only to happy to share the bounty.
I cannot operate by paying members who only surf for cash and nothing more. I would go broke.
The purpose of DWSEarner is! Team Building, Advertising Selling & Buying Within OUR Dollar Wise Community..
The site is designed to support all our Team Members signing up Via Active Upgraded members links, that will give 24/7 support.
Admin every week changes the Log In Add to show the SFI Product of the week.
All SFI members earn from any of their down line purchasing.
Admin promotes the Mini Brander Page and Members Promo Wall links throughout the Dollar Wise Network. So be sure to set up your advertisements.

PAY YOUR DWSEARNER UPGRADE to the wallet with the cheapest sending fees for the day..
Send in a support ticket with your block chain wallet Addresses for Bit Coin Ether and BitcoinCash.

Bitcoin Wallet...
Ether Coin Wallet (BCH)...
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Sending and Receiving payments at Block Chain..

Log into Block Chain.. At the left you will see Block chain has already set up your Bitcoin, Ether and Bitcoin cash Wallets..
Simply click each individual wallet at the left.. To Find your Wallet Addresses.. Click Above REQUEST Ether Copy and paste the wallet address that will appear.. Repeat to retrieve your bitcoin and bitcoin cash Wallet Addresses.
TO Send from your Wallets.. Click at the left the wallet you wish to send Funds From. Click Send Bit Coin, Copy and Paste the address of the members bitcoin wallet you wish to send funds to, click Send..
YOU may also exchange funds from one wallet to the next..
Click at the left the wallet you wish to exchange funds from.. Select from the drop down box the wallet you wish to EXCHANGE FROM.. AT the right select from the drop down box the wallet you wish to send the funds to.. Follow Instructions.
No Funds in your Bit Coin Wallet..
YOU may purchase Via My Fiverr Gig Store to activate your Monthly Upgraded DWSEarner Bit Coin entry.

Just imagine what it would be like to follow a program and have your own online income;

This is what Our Dollar Wise Network offers you: the opportunity to start building your Payza And Block Chain Portfolio's.

Click Affiliate then Down line builder to set up your Advertising Port Hole.
Surf Chat Bar Check Daily for Promo Codes and Updates. Click members profiles to see what they promote

CLICK above the support tab to view the Rules and Guide lines to participate within our Network.

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SFI Kick Start Package... Earn at SFI from ALL Your PSA Purchases.

DWSEarner was launched in 2015, built by Admins SFI Team members. Brain Storming IDEA'S for NEW members SUPPORT..
On how to generate a REAL INCOME ONLINE. Supplying a Safe Surfing Environment.
Free E Book SFI Success On Line with each purchase Via Admins ECA Store.

Admins Fiverr Store.

Admin is a freelancer, writer and designer..
Newbies check out her gigs to start your on line journey today..

Maree Designs uses third party payment processors for taking payments Via Fiverr, Payza and Bit Coin Wallet Addresses.
We are not part of the Payment Processors company nor can we accept any loss or damage for their use.
SO always check FIRST you are sending to the right payment processor address.
Maree Designs (Parent Company) reserves the right to amend this agreement when needed.
ALL Affiliate agrees that any such amendment will apply from the date changed and updated.
1. All Affiliate agrees that they are independent contractor's and not an employee, agent, partner, legal representative, or franchisee of DWSEarner.
2. All Affiliate agree to receive e-mail's, training, newsletters, plus messages from Admin OR Their Up line Sponsor.
3. Affiliate commissions are calculated in U.S. dollars. Then transferred over to members Bit Coin Wallet Addresses.
Bit coin will then show at the trading exchange rate for that day..
Affiliate's are solely responsible for ensuring that their Bit Coin Wallet is the right address.
As once sent it can not be refunded or exchanged.
All members are responsible to pay their own tax requirements on commissions earned.
If you live in New Zealand YOU must register your IRD Number with sending in a support ticket.

Anti-Spam Policy for ALL OF Admin's Dollar Wise Network Sites.

This Anti-Spam Policy Notice governs the use of the web page at and its associated services, web pages, domains and sub-domains, which are owned and operated by The Dollar Wise Network ("Owner").
Wherever this Notice refers to "users" it means "you", while "we" or "our" refer to Our Dollar Wise Network and "Web Site" refers to Our Dollar Wise Network Sites. This sets forth our policy with regard to the use of "Spam" marketing techniques in connection with Internet Marketing.
In the event that we deem you to be in violation of these policies, we shall immediately revoke your rights and close any active account's within our Dollar Wise Network.
Sites listed must Offer Real Physical products. NO Hate or Racial, Adult Material, Bad, foul or abusive language, Viruses, Spyware or Malware, Auto installing/downloading software, Any Illegal Business activity in relation to NZ & US law, Sites with pop-ups,frame breakers, Pages or part Text that is not written in English, HYIP, pyramid or Ponzi schemes, Investment surf sites or any auto surfs, Matrix sites, cyclers or similar "get rich quick" scheme's, Weapons or other state regulated item's
Violation of this policy will result in ad removal, account suspension and or deletion of account in this and associated services.
Maree Designs has a strict policy against spamming. She forbids the sending of unsolicited mass Emails or unsolicited Emails of any kind in connection with the marketing of our programs, products and services.
All Maree Designs Training Materials, E Books and Video's are the sole copy-rite of Maree Designs and can be used for personal use ONLY... YOU May Not duplicate any of this material.
UNLESS you Purchase Via Maree's Fiver Gig. The E Book Re-sellers License..
If you are "spammed" by anyone regarding our products, services, web site, or any other matters, please report this activity to Maree by email at mb5681@gmail.com

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